Out with Soap?

If you are anything like Smitty, you have undoubtedly found yourself restless at night, eating provolone cheese, and pondering the effectiveness of Purell. Admit it, the smooth application and psychological comfort compels usage…frequent usage. But is it effective? Is is more effective than soap and water?

The American Safety and Health Institute posits that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more effective than soap in water…in fact, they recommend the use of products such as Purell and others. Also, you can skim this collegiate study that tests the efficiency of alcohol-based sanitizer vs. antibacterial soap. They found the ASHI to be accurate.

They key is alcohol concentration. According to a issue of the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal published last year, the alcohol concentration must not fall below 60%. The article says, “What this should say to the consumer is that they need to look carefully at the label before they buy any of these products,” said Elaine Larson, professor of pharmaceutical and therapeutic research at Columbia’s nursing school. “Check the bottle for active ingredients. It might say ethyl alcohol, ethanol, isopropanol or some other variation, and those are all fine. But make sure that whichever of those alcohols is listed, its concentration is between 60 and 95 percent. Less than that isn’t enough.”


2 Responses

  1. You might be a germ-aphobe if……

    Now show me a study on how the over use of sanitation products has lowered the human immune system to the point people cannot fight off everyday bacteria without the aid of a substance bought from a store….that they previously built up for free in their own bodies courtesy of God’s pharmacy.

  2. i was actually coming to say something similar to what imaginary visionary has said.

    let’s call him/her (it doesn’t matter) IV for short. the other is just way too long. plus you can look at it as the roman numeral 4, or like the hospital which I am not sure how to spell so I will spare myself the humilation of attempting.

    anyway…the Marker’s Diet book warned against such things as hand sanitizers for exactly the reasons listed above…not that i truly care a great deal, i just thought i would weigh in.

    by the way…nice to see some action again here at smitty city.

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