It was morning

Not early

Not late

That is when I saw it  

My eyes were distracted from the narrow stretch of country road

To find a perfect white circle hovering over the distant trees

A gentle haze quieted its intensity

So that I could gaze into its supposed fury

It seemed this entity had woken up late

Too late to fulfill its mighty purpose to the world

I halted my commute

To confirm what my tired eyes were seeing

It was too large to be the keeper of night

But it was too pale to be the keeper of day

A perfect circle of white

Soon I was again distracted

This time by a noise

A brook

This brook did not babble though

It only whispered

But it certainly made its presence known

After a moment or two

I ignored the water’s faint cry

And the cliché arrangement of trees on the hill

To find that the circle was speaking to me

He told me I was blessed

To see him void of power and strength

He told me this would be my life’s only moment to witness him lacking his cloak

Of radiance

Take it in, he said

With no jurisdiction over the infinite expanse

He stood in solitude


That few would see him without his influence



He told me not to tell anyone about what I had seen

I politely listened

Then continued on my way


5 Responses

  1. poetic, – it begs me to ask: are you the author?

  2. off topic comment:

    Smitty – go to (there is an article on the Decline of African American Theology… thought you might want to check it out. ) I guess I could’ve just sent you an e mail, oops…

  3. I think so

  4. Funny…I actually own that book. Haven’t read it yet.

  5. Smitty-

    Could you send me an email with your current contact info (email, mobile number)?

    One, I’d just like to be able to contact you in the real world. Two, I have a story to share with you from this weekend.

    If my email doesn’t show up to you, it’s:


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