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  1. hey man it was great to see you the other day, I felt like I just got back from some distant land and saw someone who i have always thought to be a brother. It was great to sit and talk like it was the old days and it was even better to talk about your son and the things we are both doing now. I would like to meet your son in person and it would be good to see melony “pardon my spelling” and your parents. I hope that this time we stay in contact this time and not lose contact again. I have never really been able to express in words what you have ment to me in life you were there in the two most important days in my life you were the person who led me to accept Jesus into my heart and the day I married my wife. Call me any time just to shoot the breeze or if you need anything you know i will come running.

    Sincerly, Your other Brother
    James Holloway

  2. dang it feels good to be a brother.

  3. why am i not a brother?

    I’m the godfather of your child

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